VCI is a highly adaptable and innovative firm providing full lifecycle Program and Project Management, Construction Management and Architecture and Engineering Services. From project inception, VCI assesses and customizes our services to meet each client's needs. We are strong supporters of integrated project management concepts and its inherent flexibility to properly customize our teams at every phase of a project. Additionally, as a small business, VCI takes great pride in its ability to provide senior leadership oversight on every project. Our staff is comprised of highly focused individuals empowered to deliver innovative solutions to a wide variety of projects. From start up to closeout we continually seek feedback and adjust our services for peak efficiency and effectiveness.

VCI prides itself on the caliber of our staff and our continued commitment to providing industry-leading project services. Please explore the section below for more detailed information on the value we bring through the services we provide.

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering

VCI offers management services for all sizes of capital programs and portfolios. We provide assistance developing business cases and linking strategic goals and objectives to the selection, development, and execution of capital programs and portfolios. VCI helps clients evaluate and improve existing processes, corporate structures, and organizational governance models that support critical decision making in the lifecycle of portfolios and programs. We can also assist in analyzing and re-engineering the budgeting process in line with the strategic direction and financial reporting requirements of the clients. Key aspects of our program management skills are described below

Is an investment in aligning organizational strategy (corporate vision & initiatives) with goals and objectives to realize benefits and value. It requires a deliberate environmental assessment and disciplined processes to ensure the best mix of program and project investments with the best use of available resources.

Services include
  • Environmental Assessments and Analysis
  • Support to develop strategic goals and benefits
  • Benefits Identification, Analysis and Planning
  • Stakeholder Identification, Engagement and Planning
  • Communications Planning

Effective decision making is critical to aligning multiple projects for optimized or integrated costs, schedule, effort and benefits.

Services include
  • Development, Assessment and Implementation of Business Cases
  • Support for program level decision making, prioritization, and resource allocation
  • Trade off analysis
  • Performance management and analysis
  • Risk Identification and Assessments

Managing a program effectively and consistently is essential to maximizing the potential to realize the benefits envisioned.

Services include
  • Development of Organizational Governance Models
  • Establishment of Program Structure, Parameters, and Protocols based on Business Plans
  • Establishment of Governance Structure for Oversight, Monitoring and Coordination
  • Facilitated Partnering

VCI understands the need for specialized experience in successful program delivery and the importance of the integration of support processes and functions.

Services include
  • Operational Improvement including development of corporate policies, processes, and procedures
  • Governance, oversight, monitoring, and coordination during all phases of the projects which comprise programs, from initiation to closeout
  • Budgeting and Financial Management and Reporting
  • Procurement Strategies
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Scope Management

We understand that successful delivery of projects, on time and within budget is critical to the achievement of an owner or agency's mission or strategic objectives. VCI provides project management as a core service to assist clients with meeting their delivery goals. Key aspects of our project management capabilities are described below.

Effective planning is essential to a successful project. Our experience shows proper planning up front to determine the best project acquisition strategy (methods for source selection, delivery and compensation) is critical to setting the conditions for successful execution.

Services include
  • Development and definition of Project Requirements to meet Business Objectives
  • Development of Scope Documents, Scope Management Plans and Project Management Plans
  • Design and Development of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental (BCOE) Reviews
  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Cost Engineering and Estimation
  • Quality Management Planning
  • Human Resource Planning (gap analysis, workforce planning, processes, procedures)
  • Risk Management Planning (identification, characterization, mitigation, communication)
  • Procurement Planning (strategy, delivery method, market research)
  • Development of procurement/acquisition documents including preliminary cost/price estimates, statements of work (SOW), synopses, solicitations, and price negotiation memoranda
  • Value Engineering and Management Planning- evaluation of specific aspects of design, construction, operation, and management to optimize whole-life design quality and cost
  • Communications Planning - Facilitated workshops involving project team, designer, customer/client, and end-users

Well-defined processes and procedures implemented by a disciplined, knowledgeable and competent staff are key to completing the work defined in the project management plan.

Services include
  • Support for proposal evaluations, including price/cost analysis and technical proposal analysis
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Establishment of Project Baseline Budgets and Schedules
  • Development of Resource-Loaded Schedules
  • Quality Assurance (including Quality Audits)
  • Scope Management
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management

Managing the expected project outcome takes deliberate effort to track, review and regulate performance, identify and manage changes. VCI has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Services include
  • Quality Control during design and construction
    • VCI personnel have extensive experience with quality control, quality assurance, and construction inspection services on large public works, commercial, and civil works projects across the United States. Several VCI personnel hold the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Construction Quality Management (CQM) certification and have experience with the RMS-QCS software.
  • Contract Administration Services
    • Including reviewing contractor's performance, developing contract modifications, evaluating change order requests, and investigating reports of contract discrepancies
  • Earned Value Management
  • Scope, schedule, cost and quality management
    • We understand how critically important effective project controls are to successful project execution. We offer a full range of project controls services and expertise to help bring your project to completion, on time and on budget.
  • Claims Support, Analysis and Assessments

Formally completing the project closes it contractually and fiscally. This is an important and necessary step.

Services include
  • Contract close-out assistance
  • Claims support

VCI provides tailored construction management services to projects of any size. Our flexible approach allows us to work with the clients to meet their project needs at every level. Key aspects of our construction management capabilities are described below.

Early involvement of the construction managers provides for a well-integrated team who benefits from the experience and expertise of a multi-disciplined team.

Services include
  • Construction Planning
  • Public Relations/Community Outreach
  • Human Resource Management and Staffing
  • Design Planning
  • Acquisition Planning and Support
  • Support Development of the Project Management Plan
  • Establishment of processes and procedures
  • Pre-Design Project Conference Management
  • Establishment of Management Information System

Involvement of CM professionals from concept through schematic to final design adds critical value to the project in the early phases. Their expertise in constructability reviews, value engineering and documentation helps ensure the design documents are complete, coordinated, suitable for construction and meet the owner or Agency’s needs.

Services include
  • Support for Design Reviews
  • Document Distribution and Management
  • Support for Contract Development and Reviews
  • Acceptability Reviews (general and special conditions)
  • Support for Project Funding Documents
  • Host and Manage Project Progress Meetings
  • Develop and Maintain Cost Control Procedures
  • Develop, Implement and Modify Master Schedule
  • Develop and Manage LEED goals
  • Consulting

A key element in the success of a project, CM professionals play an important role in assisting owners in understanding and evaluating proposal technical documents.

Services include
  • Support to Solicitation and Pre-qualification efforts
  • Support to Source Selection Efforts
  • Monitoring compliance with and execution of construction contracts
  • Arrangements for owner purchased equipment and materials
  • Acquisitions of rights-of-way, rights-of-entry, and permitting
  • Meeting Management

CM professional are instrumental in managing the construction process to fulfill the owner/Agency’s scope, cost, quality and schedule requirements. Our CM professionals are solutioneers.

Services include
  • Construction Phased Inspections
  • Coordination and Communication – Meeting Management (pre-construction, progress and special)
  • Change Management - Monitor and Control compliance with schedules and contract documents
  • Identify and Resolve issues
  • Office Engineering/Document Control
  • Tracking, projecting and Monitoring Costs
  • Processing Contractor Invoices
  • Human Resource Management
  • Claims Management
  • Quality Management
  • Submittal Reviews, Acceptance and Performance Testing
  • Final Inspections and Punch Lists
  • Safety and Health Services
  • Support to Record Drawings
  • Reporting
  • LEED Management

CMs are essential in ensuring the proper documentation is available to properly close out the project.

Services include
  • Obtaining LEED Certification
  • Final Punch List Completion
  • Assembling Record Drawings for As-Built Documentation
  • Consolidation of Warranty, Guaranty and Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Warranty Administration
  • Documentation for Final Pay and Costs
  • Preparing Contract Files for Transfer to Owner

VCI provides architectural and engineering services to produce efficient designs that meet our client’s needs. Our management approach to each project ensures that the functional requirements are identified and defined early so that the work progresses smoothly and that expectations are consistently met. Our engineering capabilities are described below.

VCI assigns a Project Manager to each design task who is the single responsible individual for delivering a project. We recognize that producing a design is more than just engineering; it requires strong leadership and clear communication from one person to ensure that the project team remains focused on the most critical project requirements.

VCI employs a variety of licensed engineers across varied disciplines to meet our client’s technical needs. Our talented Designers and CAD Operators ensure that the end product is a clean, clear and concise set of design documents.

We provide conceptual design services to our clients to determine the most feasible, efficient, and valuable path forward on projects and programs of all sizes.

VCI has provided as-built and record drawing services to document buildings and projects that have just been completed to those over 100 years old to provide owner’s with a valid and reliable baseline from which to maintain, operate, and renovate existing facilities.

VCI offers a full suite of estimating and scheduling capability for our design projects from conceptual design to detailed design to engineering during construction, always focused on providing consistent and reliable cost and schedule information to our clients.